Angelic Wings


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Quality silicone adhesive cups support and shape your breasts without straps
Lasts up to 50 uses to give you long-term value
Angelic Wings
Give your bust a boost with the B.K Angelic Wings Push-Up Bra. These silicone cups do more than hold your girls in place; they’re specially shaped to give your bust that lifted, rounded look. Whether you are small or full-chested, the adjustable laces allow you to create your perfect level of cleavage.B.K Angelic Wings Adjustable bust for your ideal level of cleavage
Perfect for strapless dresses and low-cut top Angelic Wings strapless bra is built to last for up to 50 uses. Simply wash them with warm water and a mild soap, and hang the bra to dry. Storage Tip: Save the original plastic backing to secure over the adhesive to keep the cups super-sticky
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Image of Angelic Wings Image of Angelic Wings